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NetSpark's groundbreaking filtering solutions empower users to take control of their Internet experience, maintaining access to the abundant resources available online, while protecting users from inappropriate content.
At NetSpark, we recognize the extreme value of the Internet as both a tool and source of knowledge, and see it as an essential resource for any member of modern society.
It provides an instant source for information and entertainment, while facilitating a sense of community and participation in what can feel, at times, to be an increasingly dislocated society. However, with its great potential, the Internet also poses risks. Increasingly, parents are looking for ways to protect their children - and themselves - from Web content they deem inappropriate. Likewise, workplaces, schools, and other public facilities are looking for new solutions to enforce acceptable usage policies and prevent abuse of the public access Internet they provide.
NetSpark provides such a solution. The company's unique technological approach automatically inspects and filters user content requests, evaluating the content within the page, in real-time, and removing any inappropriate text or image elements before delivering the remaining valuable content in a seamlessly reconstructed page. NetSpark offers the only filter capable of delivering such granular results, providing access to the maximum content possible
With solutions available for Service Providers (ISPs, Mobile Carriers), Enterprise, Education, and End Users, as well as Custom Content Solutions designed to support the needs of site owners, NetSpark's suite of products delivers unparalleled levels of protection across all of our customer demographics.